Transformation & Change

Transformational change needs to be grounded in an organisation’s strategy and objectives. Our team has worked on a range of complex projects from the relocation of major broadcasting centres to new channel launches and technology rollouts. We know how to bring together people, technology and the workspace to deliver the best programmes and products.

Strategy & Operations

All successful businesses need to review and refresh their business and operational strategies. We carry out up-to-the-minute market analysis, develop new business plans and advise on their implementation. Our team has first hand experience of working with governments and regulators, developing distribution strategies, and supporting supplier management and procurement.

Organisation & People

The success of any business depends on the people within it. A well-briefed, well-trained and well-motivated workforce will be at the heart of any world class operation. We know how to engage staff and how best to organise them, define their roles and and shape their work-flows in ways which will drive effectiveness and efficiency.

Technology & Innovation

Technology underpins almost any type of modern business - but it is never an end in itself. Technology should always be a key way of delivering the overall business strategy. This means any technology project needs clear objectives, properly defined requirements, effective user engagement and good governance. These are the hallmarks of the way we work.

Our Partners

 Jurgita Rhodes

Jurgita Rhodes

Highly able, versatile & results driven with 20 years experience in B2B, B2C, broadcasting etc.

 Robert Sveb

Robert Sveb

Broadcast, IT and Digital Media Executive with more than 20 years of professional experience.

 Peter Davies

Peter Davies

Managing Director of Marquis Holdings and Commercial Partner of Marquis Media Partners LLP

 Steve Chilton

Steve Chilton

Technology and media industries expert with over fifteen years experience.


Clear objectives and deliverables

Before we start any engagement we will agree a clear programme of work and the final deliverables. We prefer to avoid open ended commitments and like to establish a timetable and endpoint to meet our clients' objectives. We will agree review points to check on progress during the duration of an assignment.

Approach matched to client need

We like to match our knowledge and experience to the client's need to create a solution that is specifically relevant to the organisation. We have a range of tools and techniques to achieve a successful result but we avoid the standardised processes that are prevalent in traditional large scale consulting practices.

Knowledge sharing

You know your business and we know the industry.
Our approach is to work alongside in-house teams, sharing and transferring our knowledge, building collaborative solutions and improving internal capability by the end of our assignments.

Effective Resource Management

Our extensive industry knowledge and experience means we expect to have a short start up to any new assignment. This means less time, lower cost and better value for money for the client. Our extensive database of expert associates provides maximum flexibility at competitive costs. And we stay competitive because we don’t have a big administration to support.

International Experience

Marquis people have extensive experience of working across a wide range of international cultures. They have a full appreciation of diverse nationalities, religions and customs and treat all of their clients and colleagues with proper respect.


Case Studies

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Marquis Media Partners are a group of media, broadcast and business experts who bring hard won industry experience to a range of challenges for organisations.

We have a proven international track record for delivering change and managing projects for leading organisations. This experience has provided the partnership with a unique insight into how to deliver world class operations.

Our work has ranged from managing strategic change, implementing new technology and delivering organisational and operational reviews, as well as strategy and regulatory advice
- with successful engagements in the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe, US and UK.

We are also well positioned to provide insights and analysis of the industry and many of the key content, technology supplier and service players.

At a time of rapid technological change and tight budgets, we are able to provide a unique level of knowledge and experience not available elsewhere.

Whether you are looking for industry advice for an acquisition or investment, help reviewing an organisational or operational challenge, or support implementing a complex technology development, we know we will be able to help.

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