Andrew Ioannou

Andrew Ioannou

Expert in broadcast technology strategy innovation and systems implementation.

BBC Store Confirms Closure

To be honest I'm not surprised. There have been rumours for a few weeks and in reality why would you do this with all the hassle and associated overhead instead of syndicating content via the known players such as Netflix, Amazon, iflix, Apple and Google? Let them do the hard work as its their core business and area of expertise.

Cabsat Wrap Up

Both a sandstorm and rain ended up clouding the view at CABSAT2017? Both are relatively rare events in normally sunny Dubai – but we had both! And even without the weather, it wasn’t always easy to see what was clearly going on.

How real will virtual become?

The broadcast industry is under siege as never before, media consumers consume content on a plethora of screens from a wealth of new entrants competing for ever decreasing attention spans.

No one has unlimited financial resources or a crystal ball so the question is always “...which ‘horse’ do I back with my limited capex and opex budgets?” For most, simply looking over the shoulder to see what others are doing doesn’t sit comfortably either.

Are we heading for a technology SNAFU?

SNAFU began life as a military acronym during the Second World War. Battle weary cynics used it to describe ‘Situation Normal, All F****d Up.’

I’m not a battle-weary cynic but having recently taken part in several technology focused discussions with industry peers, I am amazed how, in 2016, the same questions are being asked, the same challenges being talked about and the same mistakes being made So how do we avoid this ‘Situation Normal’ in our industry?

We hear a lot of talk about Change in relation to some new technology solution implementation as though it's something new and something we don’t know how to deal with. We talk about “resistance to change” but sometimes struggle to effectively deal with it. Some are better than others at implementing new technologies that require new workflows. But the majority find it very hard to deliver all the promised benefits. Why is it apparently so difficult? What can we do to improve the adoption of new ways of working and fully realise the potential of what new technology enables?