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Andy Griffee

Advises on strategy, organisational structures & all aspects of change programmes.

To move - or not to move?

Many major broadcasters bit the bullet during the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century and invested in large new state-of-the –art broadcasting centres.

The BBC was one of the biggest – drastically revamping almost its entire property portfolio in a long term project that culminated in the opening of New Broadcasting House in London. This £1.046bn project took 10 years to complete and eventually moved more than 5,000 staff from ten smaller buildings across the capital.

Smartphones … getting smarter in a pocket near you

Name the non-human thing whose temporary loss is most guaranteed to cause waves of panic, nausea and even grief.

Car or house keys? The TV remote control? The pet dog? All pale into insignificance compared to the accidental absence of one’s smartphone. Okay, maybe not the dog.

Taking Immersive Video Entertainment to the Next Level

“And they’re off…..” at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

But in this case, it’s not a few dozen thoroughbreds setting off for a few laps of the world famous racecourse. It’s actually the Club’s pioneering broadcast team who are experimenting with 360 degree live video streaming to their customers’ mobile devices.

The future ... It's the people, stupid!

Roll up, roll up. Come this way to view another anonymous looking box full of twinkling and blinking lights which does something incredibly clever and is destined for a data room near you.

The IBC 2015 Exhibition. One thousand seven hundred companies are once again presenting an eyewatering array of stalls across fourteen halls. It is a behemoth 21st century bazaar with each stall-holder trying to sell their latest must-have prototype gizmo to the elite of the broadcasting world’s technical community.

But have you heard about the company chairman who wanted to know why he had spent millions of dollars on a new electronic newsroom system but had failed to see any improvements on-air. Indeed, he seemed to be hiring even more people rather than fewer. It transpired that although the journalists were no longer using their typewriters, they were now dictating their input into the system via personal secretaries!

Make Love…Not War

Broadcasters across the globe are adopting the 1960s slogan ‘Make Love – Not War’ and using its essential message to underpin a revolution in the way they are organising their staff, technology and buildings. A new era of intense internal collaboration is being seen as a key tactic in their efforts to reduce costs, grow audiences and see off new competition. A recent survey by Marquis Media Partners LLP identified scores of TV, radio, print and online companies who have embarked on wholesale building moves and technical refreshes. Most of them are also preaching a gospel of vigorous co-operation between their different teams, departments and divisions in order to maximise the value of their investments.