Mike Cronk

Mike Cronk

Mike Cronk is a media technology leader with track record in business change and programme delivery.

The challenges and pitfalls of outsourcing in the Media and Broadcast sector

The trend of outsourcing services in the media and broadcast world has been no less significant than in other industry sectors. The impact though, if it goes wrong, can be publicly visible with an immediacy and scale unlike that of any other business. The closer the outsourcing of a service to the programme making activity or means of distribution; the greater the risk to the output and audience impact if there is a problem. Yet still organisations get it wrong. This has resulted in some managers questioning if such a service should remain a contracted operation. It is if course the wrong question. Successful outsourcing is possible providing proper consideration is given to how it is done and clarity of what is to be achieved. Whilst much of my experience has been in the media and broadcast field the issues are no less relevant to other sectors.

Being clear about the service profile of what you are outsourcing, a commodity service or something more complex is key. Contracts that establish a framework to manage bespoke or multi-service arrangements with differing service profiles as a commodity are destined to fail or at least result in a very unhappy audience or bunch of users! It needs to be addressed at the outset as it will drive all aspects of the tender, contract, performance levels, contract management structure and ultimately price.

The Hidden Dangers of Ignoring Your Energy Platforms

How many of us when younger hid behind our hands (or the sofa) when watching something scary in a movie because we did not know what was going to come next? Of course, we grow out of it but it is still probably a truism that it is the things we can’t see that can be the biggest risk or concern to any business. That is particularly true of companies in the media industry where investment in ever changing technology has high levels of visibility, but the power end energy systems that the technology depends on are rarely given a second thought. How many businesses out there today can say that they have taken a long hard critical look at their energy platform and satisfied themselves that it is fit for purpose? Have you been sufficiently curious about your power and other energy systems recently?