Technical and Operational Workflow Review

Technical and Operational Workflow Review

The largest free-to-air television broadcaster in the Middle East asked Marquis to carry out a detailed end-to-end survey of its technical and operational workflows as it planned it move to a new broadcasting centre.

A specialist team of Partners and Associates was deployed in Dubai over several months to examine more than 18 different areas of the business. These ranged from from acquisition, editing and compliance through to resilience, distribution and archiving.

The MMP team captured the broadcaster’s workflows in detail and carried out a gap analysis using their knowledge of a wide range of other international broadcasters.  This led to a recommended new operating model that indicated more than 150 different ways in which the company could be more efficient and effective.

Many of these recommendations have been subsequently adopted by the broadcaster.

Marquis also brought new creative thinking to the issue of the broadcaster’s increasingly cramped accommodation. It developed a plan which meant that it could avoid being forced to spend many hundreds of millions of dollars on a new broadcasting centre.

The broadcaster’s Chief Executive subsequently said he was both very pleased and impressed by the contribution which Marquis Media Partners made to his organisation.