The post with the dragon tattoo

The post with the dragon tattoo

Discussion of cyber security provokes mixed responses.

On the one hand, eyes roll and the carrier of the cyber security papyrus is quickly branded as a geek. Perhaps to be tolerated. Probably not to be invited to supper. For fear of boring the guests with a barrage of acronyms and poorly parsed prophecies of doom.

On the other hand, hackers have captured the public imagination. Think of the girl with the dragon tattoo. Think of WikiLeaks. Perhaps just think.

The military, governments, and security services have long been engaged in the battle of the bits with hackers and those bent on worldwide domination from their poorly lit basements and shady cyber cafes.

Increasingly, telecommunications operators worry about the threat to their networks and the services they carry. 

And then there is the much heralded internet of things.  When every device in our home is connected to the internet (and that is happening faster than many realise), what then? Who controls the heating in your home?

Rights management has long been a burning platform for the media industry, it's the lifeblood of our businesses. Each glorious digital advance brings with it fresh challenges, and the pace of that change is ever quickening. Content is no longer contained (confined) in a metal canister. Film, once kept cool and dark, safe, secure and far from prying eyes - only to be consumed at pre-determined times. The transmission of movies in digital format on free to air platforms caused quite a stir in some parts of the movie industry not so very long ago. I know, because I was there, at the sharp end of the debate - and it was painful for all concerned. It changed the way many businesses went about their business. And that was nothing compared to the change we are seeing now. If we care to.

As we embrace the cloud, transfer our assets with a touch of a finger, as film makers, collaborating in the cloud, shuttle assets from one city, one country, one continent to another, the digital technologies that underpin all this also present an eye wateringly attractive challenge for those who perhaps have a different world view than our own.

How safe are your digital assets? Have you adopted a new strategy for the usage of your rights? How will you face the challenge of a generation that sees digital technology as a leveller, a border busting bonanza of content? 

What does cyber security mean to you?

I've long been fascinated by the implications of digital technology for the way we live. It's a big part of why I work where I do now. It's also why I'm working closely with the Association for International Broadcasting to raise the profile of the geeky stuff, to work with international organisations to think about the impacts of cyber security on our industry, our lives. To make a difference.

Have you thought through the full implications of cyber security on your business?

We at Marquis work with our clients at the cutting edge of digital technology. Every day we partner with our clients to transform their businesses, working through the impacts of digital technologies on their people, their customers, their part of the world we live in. 

Cyber security may be a subject for geeks but we're not afraid to discuss it over supper. 

Why not give us a call? You may be surprised.


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Last modified on 11 May 2016
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