BBC Store Confirms Closure

BBC Store Confirms Closure

To be honest I'm not surprised. There have been rumours for a few weeks and in reality why would you do this with all the hassle and associated overhead instead of syndicating content via the known players such as Netflix, Amazon, iflix, Apple and Google? Let them do the hard work as its their core business and area of expertise.

I predict this will happen more and more. As a consumer where do I go for my entertainment content? Default is usually any of the above and not the individual broadcaster sites unless it's for catch-up content within the usual 30 day window. Without an aggregation tool content isn't always easy to find especially when a BBC programme you'd expect to find on their site doesn't appear as it was made by a 3rd party who owns the post broadcast/catch-up digital rights.

A sensible and serious move by Auntie Beeb IMHO and recognition of how the market is evolving into something more matured and not a mass of confusion with a lack of clarity and transparency.

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Last modified on 26 May 2017
Andrew Ioannou

Expert in broadcast technology strategy innovation and systems implementation.