BBC Store Confirms Closure

To be honest I'm not surprised. There have been rumours for a few weeks and in reality why would you do this with all the hassle and associated overhead instead of syndicating content via the known players such as Netflix, Amazon, iflix, Apple and Google? Let them do the hard work as its their core business and area of expertise.

Smartphones … getting smarter in a pocket near you

Name the non-human thing whose temporary loss is most guaranteed to cause waves of panic, nausea and even grief.

Car or house keys? The TV remote control? The pet dog? All pale into insignificance compared to the accidental absence of one’s smartphone. Okay, maybe not the dog.

Traditional Broadcasting has to Adapt to Survive

Amazon’s new Video Direct brings a new model to the consumer video market further chipping away at the traditional broadcasting model

Today’s media coverage in the FT has three separate stories that highlight the inexorable change in the traditional broadcast model and the impact of the ever evolving consumer offer.